About Us

Who are we?

Welcome to our website! We are Nathan and Heather and we are proud to call Tampa, Florida area our home. The idea for this website was like a bolt of lightning to the brain! (Our hockey team in Tampa is the "Lightning" so no pun intended).  "Pepper" (who is a Catahoula & Lab mix) was the inspiration for creating this website and was our first mascot. :)

My wife and I both worked insanely long hours and there was just never time to go shopping for "dog" stuff. And the common stuff at our local department stores were just not exciting. And when my heart is determined to have something that important, I just want it!

Expanding on the idea of finding great factory-direct items for dogs eventually expanded to other cool products... Nathan is the gadget king and always looking for some product with mass appeal with a certain uniqueness. Our passion is trying always find the best deals for our customers!


At the dawn of the online shopping craze, we wondered why you could buy clothes, jewelry and other items online but... there just wasn't much out there for our fur baby. So, we created our own store. That was the easy part. The challenging part was trying to source products that were unique and eye-catching... and to source those products so that we could offer prices that were amazing! That was many moons ago and we have not looked back since!

Now there are "big box" stores which offer all types of products and services for every speakable market. But, not all stores or online shopping venues are the same! We scour the planet... talking to representatives who work directly with the factories. That is why our prices are so amazing and we pass those savings directly on to you!

Today, "Pepper" is still around and helps us test most of the products we sell and she is one tough cookie! If realized early on that if we get her seal of approval, you will love the products too!

Now, we have three more helpers as our "pack" grew. Yes, we now have four rescues but, it has been a joy to see them grow, learn and interact with each other! Many have said that  they actually "rescued" us and I would agree 100%.

Pepper, Bella, Champ and Pablo

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service... and also having the best prices around! Our products are unique and you will never see them in a PetSmart, PetCo or Walmart. Feedback from our loyal and repeat customers' stat that it is so worth having to wait a short period of time on delivery to save money at the end... and we agree. So, happy shopping and Bella, Pablo, Champ and Pepper said, "woof" and they hope you come back often!